Kamis, 05 Maret 2020

Scan DocuCentre SC2022 to USB Flash

Xerox multifunction printers are included in the DocuCentre product line, the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre SC2022 Printer Scanner. do not have drivers installed on your computer, scan to USB does not require drivers and this method is very practical for you to use. Print xerox docuCentre SC2022 is widely used for business people, because it is a very practical use.

Fuji Xerox that can answer the needs of business people can not only do large-scale printing but can also be a large-scale scanner that is very fast Xerox is very supportive of business people because it saves our time going into the stage of how to scan with USB.

Scan DocuCentre SC2022 to USB Flash

  • Prepare a USB Flash, my experience if the flash will not be read later you have to replace the flash.
  • Insert a USB drive into the front USB port of the machine.

  • After you insert the USB flash the menu usually appears as below
  • But if it does not appear as above you can choose on the main menu list
  • Select the USB and wait for print xerox to read the USB first

  • If it has been read then a menu will appear as below

  • If it appears select save as then you will be directed to save
  • Advice from me if the color paper then select as shown below that I red line

  • If all the settings are correct then press star like the image below hopefully this tutorial can help you if this is useful share this article

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