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Xerox VersaLink C500 Color Print Paper Jams Solutions

Xerox VersaLink C500 Color Print Paper Jams Solutions in this article we are still discussing print paper jams because this period is most often faced when we want to print, warning Do not touch the labeled area on or near the hot roller in the fuser. You can burn. If it's a piece of paper wrapped around the heater, do not try to remove it immediately. Turn off the printer xerox versaLink c500 paper jam immediately and wait for 40 minutes for the fuser to cool. Try to remove the clock after the printer cools down. If the error continues. The following illustration shows where paper jams can occur along the paper path. circle me this red line is the cover that you can open the never too forced damaged components can make

Xerox VersaLink C500 Color Print Paper Jams Solutions

The following may cause a paper jam:
  • Select the wrong paper type in the print driver
  • Using damaged paper
  • Using paper-unsupported
  • Loading the wrong paper
  • Overfilling tray Xerox VersaLink 8-6 C500 Color Printer User guide Solution to problem
  • Adjust the manual paper incorrectly
Most jam can be prevented by following a simple set of rules:
  • Use paper supported only. For more information, see supported papers.
  • Follow proper handling of paper and loading techniques.
  • Always use clean, undamaged paper.
  • Avoid paper that is curled, torn, damp, wrinkled or folded.
  • To separate the sheet before loading into the tray, the paper fan.
  • Do not load paper above the maximum filling line.
  • After loading the paper in the tray, adjust the guide paper in all the trays. Incorrect guide customized can cause poor print quality, misfeeds, Italics, and destructive printers.
  • After loading the paper in a baking sheet, in the control panel, select the correct paper type and size.
  • Before printing, select the correct paper type and size in the print driver.
  • Paper store in a dry location.

Minimizing Paper Congestion The printer is designed to work with minimal paper jams using xerox versaLink C50 supported paper. Other papers the type may cause a jam. If is jamming supported paper is often in one area, clean the paper area Street. Clearing a Paper Jam from Bypass to resolve errors that appear in the control panel or the print monitor, you must remove all paper from the paper path. Remove any paper from the path or Bypass Tray.

If you have already opened the cover that my recommendations will definitely pull the paper slowly look try paper that concern in the print is pulled in full or not at all concerned in line out the paper because if paper is still on track despite the print device for a bit will make you the added hassles, so your thoroughness is very necessary here leave a little bit of your comments to this article.

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